What can Meddle do for me?

Our belief is that if you're paying for a mobile network connection, you should have control over the traffic your device generates. Meddle gives you this control.

More specifically, Meddle provides services that interpose on the traffic your device generates. What does this mean? It means that we can block, shape, filter or otherwise modify traffic your device generates so that we can save you time, energy and money. Below are a few example applications we provide; we are constantly developing and experimenting with others.

  • New tool!Privacy control
    ReCon reveals how your personal information is shared over the network, and gives you the ability to control (block or modify) it.
  • New tool!Net Neutrality Detection
    Detect net neutrality violations from your Android device. Our Differentiation Detector app (Beta) allows you to test real app traffic to determine if your ISP is meddling with your traffic by changing content and/or shaping your transfer rates.
  • Ad blocking
    Many of us are familiar with in-browser blocking of advertisements through plugins such as AdBlock. In Meddle, we block ads for all apps, not just your Web browser.
  • Non-interference
    By tunneling your traffic through our VPN, we ensure that your ISP cannot view or manipulate your network traffic.
  • Visibility
    Do you ever awaken restlessly in the middle of the night for no good reason? Well, so does your phone, and it's silently draining your data quota and battery life. Meddle provides you with visibility into what your device is doing with the network, when it's doing it, and provides you the ability to block some of the traffic.

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